We met unexpectedly. At that time, I recently moved on from a melodramatic relationship and you, you felt a missing puzzle piece in your “almost perfect” life.

At first I thought you were someone who isn’t taking relationships seriously. Tall…very tall, athletic, and that looks? No woman can resist. You are the CEO of your own company and your intelligence makes you much sexier.

Everything went easy on our first year. Though we both grew-up from two different cultures, we have similarities that made our world perfect.

You were very open-minded. You did not flinch when you met the skeletons in my closet. You did not back away when I showed you the demons in my soul. You dint blink when I introduced you to the voices in my head. And that humor? Made me stomped my feet – laughed my brains out.

You gave in to my escapades. Road trips, beaches where we do impromptu star-gazing while holding hands and made out like high school kids. You went 50-mph on a kinda-busy highway (because I told you so and you agreed ha ha!) and went dancing in the rain with me. How fun was that!

You never ever fail to surprise me. You had ways to make it up when you were busy with work. Even after your trips abroad! *sigh*… We had our crazy moments.

We loved the same things but was radically different that we never run out of things to talk about or things to argue or compete over. This was how we spiced up our relationship.

You were my dashing debonair and my knight in shining armor.

You taught me a lot about LIFE. About how to survive, how to be strong and how to be… ME. You pulled me out of my shell and made me feel confident about my true self.

You loved my flaws that I am still learning to accept up to this very moment. You loved how I cracked you up. You loved how goofy I am. You love me for being me and you love my soul so much more.

You believed so much in me. You know what I’m capable of and you never took advantage of my weaknesses. You always push me to do better and you always know the right words to say whenever I needed someone to talk to. You are my confidante.

We were in sync whether we were in the same city or even thousand miles away. Perhaps that is how soulmates are. Telepathy as what they call it.

Years had passed and we perceived that our lifestyles were already conflicting. You do not see the future on how I visualize it. Years of fighting for our love. Years of battling against the odds. Years of weeping and holding on. It was the toughest. We tried to just live each moment that comes along, one at a time without so being certain about the moments that comes after that. And just living in the present. However, still it did not work.

Despite of our disagreements and conflicts, our love never depleted. It grew stronger over the years. There was no way of stopping it. We tried and failed.

But LOVE DOES NOT only sustain the relationship. We realized this hurtful truth later on. We had an inconvenient love.

One day, we needed to go separately. Closing cycles – the end of our chapter. We both know we will meet again. It may not be in this present life, but we will. We both hoped fervently it will be different next time. Fate has its way to break us apart. Maybe and just maybe in our next lives it will be our forever. Different bodies but the same souls.

Someone told you that we will love each other no matter what would transpire in our current life and even after death. And that “someone” told me as well. Whether we will end up together or not, our love will bind us. We might find another love on this current life but no one can break the love of two souls that love eternally.


**PS.  I wrote this over a year ago, a few months after he and I decided to be in a different direction. No hard feelings, and I always wish him well wherever he is now. Four years but seemed like we knew each other a hundred years ago from the moment we met. Meeting a soulmate is life twisting. Each of us unveils the best and the worse part of the other and learned a lot. Sadly, we CAN’T be together. Not now. Nevertheless, I am happy I met him in my life’s journey. Not all has this privilege.

A soul mates purpose is to shake you up, tear apart your ego a little bit, show you your obstacles and addictions, break your heart open so new light can get in, make you so desperate and out of control that you have to transform your life, then introduce you to your spiritual master…”

― Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love


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